Conference dates

October 12 - 14th, 2011

The conference opening session will be held on Wednesday 12 October at 8:30.
Conference sessions will go on till Friday 14 October 18:20.

The social programme includes an informal welcome party on Tuesday 11, from 17:00 to 20:00,
a guided visit in the city center on Wednesday 12 (17:45 - 19:30)


you can download the PDF file :

Discrete Location and supply chain 1 (chair : Nathalie BOSTEL)
Dispersion Location Model with Equity Measures
Maria Barbati, Giuseppe Bruno, Daniela Cuomo
Environmental and economic efficiencies in a location optimization strategy
Carl Gaigné, Vincent Hovelaque
The Capacitated Facility Location Problem with Penalties and Revenues: Formulations and Valid Inequalities
Maria Joăo Lopes
Design of multi-period two-echelon logistics networks including facility sizing decisions
Isabel Correia, Teresa Melo, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
Coffee break
Hub location 1 (Chair: Sibel A. Alumur)
Hub location problem with allowed traffic route between non-hub nodes
Ali I. Mahmutogullari, Bahar Y. Kara
New formulation for the multiple allocation p-hub median problem
Sergio Garcia, Mercedes Landete, Alfredo Marín
The Single Allocation Hub Center FlowLoc Problem
Horst W. Hamacher, Stephanie Heller
Hierarchical multimodal hub location problem
Sibel A. Alumur, Hande Yaman, Bahar Y. Kara
Applications (Chair: Pierre Dejax)
Location of sites in a postal network: examples and learning
Bernard Lemarié
Models for optimal cache location in Content Delivery Networks
Walid Ben Ameur, Pierre Bauguion, Eric Gourdin
Locating landfills and allocating capacities for minimum pollution
H.A. Eiselt, Vladimir Marianov
A p-median model with distance selection
Stefano Benati, Sergio Garcia
Coffee break
Location under uncertainty 1 (Chair: Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama)
On solving the multi-period location-assignment problem under uncertainty
Maria Albareda-Sambola, Antonio Alonso-Ayuso, Laureano F. Escudero, Elena Fernŕndez, Celeste Pizarro
Facility location with heterogeneous Bernoulli demands and facility outsourcing
Maria Albareda-Sambola, Elena Fernandez, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
Guided city tour
Invited presentation(Chair: Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama)
Stochastic programming with mixed-integer variables
Maarten van der Vlerk
Location under uncertainty 2 (Chair: Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama)
Modeling Uncertainties in Location-Allocation Problems
Markus Kaiser, Kathrin Klamroth
Locating Hub Facilities under Disruption Risk
Ehsan Nikbakhsh, Seyed Hessameddin Zegordi
Coffee break
Hub location 2 (Chair: James F. Campbell)
Multi-product capacitated single allocation hub location problems: formulations and inequalities
Isabel Correia, Stefan Nickel and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
Exact Solution of Large-Scale Hub Location Problems with Multiple Capacity Levels
Ivan Contreras, Jean-François Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte
A specialized Branch & Bound & Cut for Single-Allocation Ordered Median Hub Location problems
Justo Puerto, A. B. Ramos, Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
Environmental Implications of Hub Networks
Morton E. O'Kelly
Competitive Hub Arc Network Design for Airlines
James F. Campbell, Mihiro Sasaki
Logistics and transportation (Chair: Olivier Péton)
Hub Location Problem in String Planning of Liner Shipping Industries
Shahin Gelareh, Nelson Maculan, Philippe Mahey, Rahimeh N. Monemi
A geometric approach for rescheduling a railway transportation network in presence of transfers
Juan A. Mesa, Francisco A. Ortega, Miguel A. Pozo
The Transfer Point Location Problem in the Plane with Manhattan Distances
H.A. Eiselt, Vladimir Marianov
Distribution of n-directional distance on circular city
Takamori Ukai
A model for an extended intermodal logistic network design
Maria J. Cortinhal, Anabela Costa, Maria J. Lopes, Ana C. Nunes
Coffe break
Discrete location and supply chain 2                                                       (Chair: Nathalie Bostel)
A General Mathematical Model to rationalize a Service Supply System Giuseppe Bruno, Andrea Genovese, Carmela Piccolo
Dynamics of Multiple Retail Category Distributions with respect to trip Chaining Behavior
Yudai Honma
Developing a reverse network design model under uncertainty
Majid Eskandarpour
Continuous location 1 (Chair: Katrin Klamroth)
Locating Least Absolute Deviations Regression Lines with Latent Classes and Outliers
Robert Schieweck, Anita Schöbel
The ordered anti-median problem with distances derived from a strickly convex norm
Antonio J. Lozano, Juan A. Mesa, Frank Plastria
Rectilinear deviation distance to visit a facility
Masashi Miyagawa
Locating lines with a restriction on the slope
Thorsten Krempasky, Anita Schöbel
Invited presentation (Chair: Stefan Nickel)
Green Logistics
Richard Eglese
Hub location 3 (Chair: S.A. Alumur and J.F. Campbell)
An Effective VNS for the Discrete Ordered Median Hub Location
Justo Puerto, Dionisio Pérez, Carlos García
Optimal locations of gateway and local hub airports in Asia
Mihiro Sasaki, Takehiro Furuta, Atsuo Suzuki
The formulation of the hub arc location problem
Ivan Contreras, Elena Fernandez
Coffee break
Covering models (Chair: Ioannis Giannikos)
The Cooperative Cover Location Problem on Networks
Igor Averbakh, Oded Berman, Jörg Kalcsics, Dmitry Krass, Stefan Nickel
A multi-period capacitated school location problem with modular equipments and age restrictions
Eric Delmelle, Jean-Claude Thill, Dominique Peeters, Isabelle Thomas
Maximum flow-covering location and service-start-time problem and some variants
Ken-ichi Tanaka
Using Clustering Heuristics to solve demand covering Models
Basilis Boutsinas, Ioannis Giannikos
Continuous location 2 (Chair: Anita Schöbel)
Single-Facility Huff Location Problems on Networks. A DC Approach
Rafael Blanquero, Emilio Carrizosa, Amaya Nogales-Gňmez, Frank Plastria
Locating a competitive facility with a robustness criterion
Rafael Blanquero, Emilio Carrizosa, Eligius M.T. Hendrix
Minimizing ordered weighted averaging of rational functions: A Semidefinite Programming approach for Location Problems
Justo Puerto, Victor Blanco, Safae El Haj Benali
Solving Mixed Continuous and Combinatorial Location Problems by Geometric Branch & Bound
Anita Schöbel, Daniel Scholz
A Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Approach for Location-Allocation Models in Uncertain Environments
Markus Kaiser, Kathrin Klamroth
Coffe break
Competitive location (Chair: Blas Pelegrěn)
A new location model for chain expansion under delivered pricing competition
Blas Pelegrěn, Pascual Fernŕndez, Marěa Dolores Garcěa, Saůl Cano
A Comparative Analysis of Multidimensional Coalition Formation Models
Tom Blockmans, Frank Plastria, Joris Pieters
On a Huff-like location model with variable demand
Pascual Fernandez, Blas Pelegrěn, Saul Cano
Location models and GIS tools for franchise distribution
Rafael Suarez-Vega, Dolores R. Santos-Penate, Pablo Dorta-Gonzalez
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Gala Dinner at "La Cigale"

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